Elder Law

Elder law attorneys are known as the social workers of the legal profession. We can help your loved ones live out their years happily and well cared for, with all the dignity, love, and respect they deserve.

Did you know that when people turn 65, federal laws kick in allowing them to qualify for government-funded care if they can’t pay for it themselves?

My job is to untangle the maze of government regulations, like the ones above, to make sure my clients know their rights. I can also create an estate plan that gives them peace of mind that their final wishes will be honores and their loved ones will be provided for.

If your family member wants to stay at home, I can help you create a comprehensive and compassionate plan to ensure they can age safely in place, and ensure that a family member or care manager is always there to provide care on a daily basis. I can help you decide on a reliable person to become a designated health care proxy who will be authorized to move quickly in case your loved one becomes sick.

My elder law services include:

  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Care Plan Review and Advocacy
  • Resolution of Home Care and Nursing Home Contract and Care
  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage review
  • Long Term Care Insurance Review
  • Medicaid Application and Fair Hearings
  • Applications for Conservator/Guardian Incapacitated Person and Estate

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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Why Linnea

If you are facing some big decisions about an aging loved one, you don’t need to make them alone. As an elder law attorney, my purpose is to help families understand their options, determine the best solutions, and provide them with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one will be happy, protected, and in good hands. It is an honor and a privilege to use my three decades of law experience, to help my clients.

Everyone should have a plan to pay for healthcare as they age in place

Please remember, it’s never too early to think about long-term care insurance or other long term care insurance substitutes if you have the financial means. The premiums are less expensive when you’re younger, therefore a good time to start thinking about purchasing a plan is after you’ve “launched” your kids.

If finances are a concern, you may qualify for government programs to pay for Medicare premiums and other long term care. There is more than one way to become financially eligible for government health care assistance. We are here to help you understand your options so you can make better choices, preserve your assets, and obtain quality care.