Many people who have paid into the Medicare system throughout their working life say that Medicare is the best thing about turning 65 — and that can be true!

But with so many conflicting levels, tiers, options, supplement plans, and “donut hole” coverage gaps, getting the right health plan can be baffling. To make matters worse, ever-changing pharmaceutical plans with an array of provider choices, all depend on what medications your loved one needs. Top it all off with a very limited enrollment period each year and the best thing about turning 65 also becomes the most complicated. As an Elder Law attorney I assist you in understanding the pros and cons of regular Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans — including how they interface with private health insurance and Medicaid.

I have three decades of experience successfully filing client Medicaid applications. In many cases we are able to apply federal and state Medicaid laws and regulations to preserve the marital assets for the well spouse or for the disabled relative of the Medicaid applicant.

The application process is very complicated requiring multi-year asset audits and rigid timing issues for filing. One mistake could result in your application getting denied or delayed. I manage the Medicaid application process so that the eligibility is granted at the earliest date possible.

Most importantly, I always treat my Medicaid clients with the same respect I expect.

My Medicare/Medicaid law services include:

  • Reviewing Medicare/Medicaid eligibility to see if it is the best option
  • Correctly filing Medicaid application to avoid administrative hearings and appeals
  • Ensuring protection for the well spouse and children of Medicaid applicants 
  • Prioritizing the care plan before preserving assets 

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Health care is a right. I am fortunate to have the expertise to help seniors get access to the health care they need to live a happy and healthy life. I will apply my three decades law experience to help you or your loved one find the most comprehensive health care coverage available.

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