Special Needs Law

If you have a disabled child or other special needs family member, you are not alone. I, too, had a special needs family member who required special attention, and completely understand the unique challenges involved. Your loved ones deserve dignity and respect, and to be surrounded by people who are compassionate, encouraging, and loving.

I can assist you with designing a plan that offers your loved one protection for the foreseeable future. I will ask the questions that will have a true impact on your situation and explain any laws that may affect a special needs child when they turn 18.  We will help you determine the best support your child will need, including supervision, housing, and government solutions.

By understanding the support required, we can draft special needs trusts and asset plans. We can coordinate private and public resources to help maximize your family’s ability to enhance the quality of life for your loved one. Our goal is to develop and facilitate a customized plan that won’t drain your family’s assets and life savings.

Areas we need to focus on may include:

  • Public Benefits Applications; SSD, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare 
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Social Security Policy, Operations Manual “POMs” Compliance
  • Long Term Care Insurance Review

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Why Linnea

My husband and I had a special needs son who recently passed away. We also have a special needs granddaughter whom we all adore. I welcome the opportunity to combine my values with my law experience to advocate for your loved one. It is a privilege to use my skills to help my clients and indeed society. Special needs individuals have so much to contribute.

In order to guarantee the quality of life for you, and your disabled family member you should start planning today.